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New Brand Photography London – Santis Global

Had the pleasure of spending a day with the team at Santis Global last week creating a portfolio of campaign photography for their new brand launch.
Santis Global run a courier service focussed in the City of London, their old brand photography was tired so alongside the sharp new website created by Engage Convert it called for some fresh photography too.

With Art Direction from Gareth Wright at Engage Convert we decided the focus needed to be two fold, their varied fleet of electric vehicles and the superb roster of staff they have finalising the orders, after all these are the faces their clients would see.

Given the very strange situation we find ourselves in with Covid-19 we were in the fortunate situation to have the entire City of London almost to ourselves, I’ve never seen it so empty!
First stop, Lloyds of London, from experience I know this location to be brilliant for any kind of Commercial Photography. The sharp lines of the mostly metal building, mixed with adjacent glass fronted buildings gives an excellent backdrop no matter the weather. I was hoping for a sunny day, ordinarily a photographers worst nightmare, but I’ve seen before how the light bounces off building to building in The City and it can create something really fantastic. Unfortunately though it wasn’t meant to be this time, we had overcast grey clouds with the occasional rain shower – what can you do?
Having shot some vehicle photography and portraits of the drivers delivering their parcels here it was time to move on to the bike courier.

With the cycling photography I wanted to give more of a lifestyle feel to these shots, we chose round the back of The Old Bailey as there’s a nice mix of old stone and modern offices – also one of their biggest clients is based around the corner so it would give some great familiarity.
One photograph that worked particularly well was having the rider push her bike across the road while a Santis van let her pass, both smiling and more brand than you can shake a stick at – in total I count five different Santis Global logo’s in that picture, without it looking forced. A win for the PR Photography!

Finally we got the electric motorbike photography. As someone who rides a motorbike myself I was particularly looking forward to this bit. Gareth jumped on the bike and with a little bit of briefing on how to ride when being photographed we were off. Starting around Borough Market and The Shard then heading into The City again we wanted to have photographs of the bike in iconic locations that immediately screamed ‘London’.

A day wizzing round London, hanging out the side of car windows and dodging traffic wardens always gets the blood pumping!

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