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Food Photography London – Landsec

A food photography commission came through from Landec in the winter of 2020. The brief was to produce a series of food photography shots which could be put on digital billboards in Victoria London to advertise the wide variety of food outlets in the Cardinal Place shopping centre.

The main request from the creative team was for all shots to be taken overhead, other than that we were given creative reign. As a commercial photographer it’s key you recognise jobs which require you to bring in a team and to budget for that in costing. On this job I had Chris Ison assisting me and the food stylist Gill Nicholas making sure every plate looked good enough to eat (both linked below). In addition to that the agency brought in two hand models for our hero image and oversaw as creative directors.

Overhead rig consisted of a tripod head attached to a C-stand and we were shooting tethered to Capture One for both the client and us as a team to review – crucial in product photography and food photography to have this external monitor to help everyone get onboard with what’s being created.

Lighting we kept relatively simple, a large soft key light to the left of frame with some CTO-gel for a warm tone. A low powered snoot we would direct according to each shot to try and mimic natural light beaming on from a window. Then last of all we had white card to the right of frame giving positive fill and little pieces of mirrored, white and grey card to fill small pockets as necessary.

Chris Ison –
Gill Nicholas –

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